Babylon Dance and Fitness in Guelph, Ontario, opened in January of 2013 in a beautiful and spacious facility that specializes in top professional instruction in Oriental Dance (Belly Dance).  Our fun classes which also offer assortment of fitness, Yoga, Dance, Pilates and more is Guelph's #1 stop to get fit, while learning to love and appreciate your femininity!

Did you know that we have been sharing our love for dance and fitness in Guelph since 1996?  With our long standing dedication to our students, we are sure that Babylon can become YOUR home away from home!

Babylon Dance and Fitness is devoted to providing you the most fun you can have while exercising! 

We strive to give you authentic training in your chosen discipline with classes taught by top professionals.  All of our dance, yoga and fitness classes are taught by professionals with years of experience, which will give you the most absolute training that you can have.  You won't even know that you're exercising and we will help you to achieve your fitness goals without the monotonous boredom of the gym.

We strive to support you in all the ways that we can, whether you are training at Babylon simply for fitness, for fun or to become a fitness professional or dance artist yourself. YOUR GOALS BECOME OUR GOALS, so please let us know what they are!

At Babylon Dance and Fitness, we believe that practice makes perfect, so our classes have been designed so that you can take any class you want at anytime, and since classes are ongoing and work on a drop-in basis, you can join at anytime!

Why come alone? Bring your friends, get fit and have fun with a fitness buddy!  Ask about our referral program!


As an Arab-Canadian, Hiba has always been intrigued with Middle Eastern Dance, music, history and art, which has lead her into a journey of self-discovery.  She began her training at a very young age and has grown to become one of Canada’s leading Middle Eastern Dance Artists.  Hiba has directed two dance studio’s and fitness facilities, directed a professional dance company, and has taught and performed all over North America, as well as being invited to Europe for seminars.  She has been featured in several instructional DVDs, a documentary highlighting the controversy of Oriental Dance in Arabic Societies, was the host of a local Television show entitled Experience Babylon that touched upon all aspects of Arabic Culture from Dance to Cuisine.  She is also host to seminars from Dance and Music Artists from all over the world, including Ontario’s very first Middle Eastern Dance and Music Festival; Raksfest.
“I am thrilled to share my Arabic heritage with men and women all over the world, and through hard work and dedication to the art form hope to change the negative conception of Middle Eastern Dance within it’s own culture.” View Hiba's International Workshop Topics Here!


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