Babylon Dance and Fitness Fall 2013
Class Descriptions

All Classes run from 45mins-1hour and are different every week!

All of Babylon's classes work in a drop-in basis, so you can join any class, anytime!  Please see the descriptions below to choose the classes that work best for you!   View the Class Schedule Here

 BELLY DANCE has always been a wonderful way for women to become comfortable with their bodies, and get a great mind-body workout without noticing because you're having too much fun!  Belly Dance builds strength and flexibility and there have been studies conducted that show that belly dance not only helps to stop the progression and pain of Fibromyalgia but can actually help to reverse it!  In these classes you will also learn about the culture, history and music of the Middle East!   Many levels from beginner to advanced are offered, as well as specialty subject courses and workshops.

All of our Fitness Classes will have a focus on targeting specific muscle groups and using slow and steady body resistance to achieve maximum results.  Feel stronger, gently build flexibility and strengthen your muscles from the inside, out!

YOGA at Babylon can help you to loosen up or unwind before or after our other classes.  Yoga, a spiritual and ascetic disciple, originally was developed in India and allows you to control your breathing, and through simple meditation lets you fall into postures and positions you never thought possible!

We Also offer other services like personal training, nutrition counselling, Weight loss, Fitness Goal Setting, facility Rentals, Transformation programs and event planning!  Please contact us for more details!

Are you looking for something we do not offer?  Let us know, and we'll make it happen!

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